Turkey among most defendants countries against COVID-19

The number of infected people all over the world has been exceeded to 1.1 million and around 56 thousand people has died of COVID-19 (KORONAVİRÜS). In Turkey, 20.921 people are infected and 425 has died so far. Also, 484 have recovered from the disease.

Dou to this statistics and country’s population, Turkey is in better situation from most countries of the world. Turkey will make and provide supplies such as masks, test kits and disinfection products to fight against this pandemic, and this matter saves the country from absolute foreign dependence.

In this period the importance of public insurance, the high number of our modern hospitals and our experienced well-known medical staff has become obvious. Our independence in producing essential food and nutrition will put us in a good position of exports. Turkey is opening its hearts out for countries that needs their help. 

All these facts make Turkey one of the world’s most defendant countries against COVID-19 (KORONAVİRÜS).

For now, all we have to do is become solidarity and follow the profession’s advices.

“Stay safe, stay home”