The New Rule For Turkish Citizenship in 2022!

For the Attention of Investors in Turkey

Pursuant to the amendment of the Turkish Citizenship Law Implementing Regulations, announced on 06.01.2022, to submit a Turkish citizenship application by real estate investment, the possibility of paying the property price in the Turkish Lira has been canceled and payment should be made in US dollars.

Or equivalent with other required foreign currencies. The amendment made in the conditions of acceptance of Turkish citizenship is valid for transactions made after 06.01.2022, transactions made before this date with the Turkish Liras are not included in this law.

The value of the property Turkey purchased to obtain Turkish citizenship this year is $ 250,000 and has not changed, the commitment not to sell it back within 3 years is also mandatory.

In the latest step in the authorities’ efforts to support the Turkish lira, the Turkish government has made updates to its regulation that grants citizenship to foreigners in exchange for a certain amount of investment or real estate acquisition.

Foreigners obtain citizenship if they own at least $250,000 worth of property for three years or have invested at least $500,000 or have Turkish debt of equivalent amount for three years.