The Culture and Tourism Minister explained When will tourism begin in 2020!

Culture and Tourism Minister  Mehmet Nuri Ersoy made important statements on NTV television. Providing information on outbreak measures in tourism, Minister Ersoy said: “We anticipate that there will be breaks in late May and early May. I think it will be possible to normalize towards the end of May. The movement will begin in domestic tourism towards the end of May.”


We create an internationally recognized certification system for non-corona virus areas. The certification period will start at the facilities. Certificates will be issued to the facilities after taking the measures. We asked the big tour operators for their opinions on this subject and we will include those ideas in this system. After the corona virus process is over, I think Asian countries will come first. I strongly disagree with the criticism from TÜRSAB. There are 9500 travel agencies. How many brands can you count in these agencies? I have been in this industry since 85. I can count up to 100. If your brand is really valuable, your company is a well-established company. If you want to leave your company’s debts to the old company and transfer your title and brand to another company you have established on your relative, you create many tourism supplier victims behind. This happened many times in the past, so transfer of documents was banned. Now, we said, let’s let the transfer of the document as the sector needs it. We have to avoid art intention. We are working to eliminate the victimization in the industry. I don’t see anything objectionable. I think your friends’ problems have improved.