Preparations are OK in Alanya, tourism professionals are waiting for the outbreak

Turkey Hoteliers Federation (TUROFED) Board Member and Alanya Tourist Operators Association (ALTİD) President Burhan Sili, a new type of corona virus (Covidien-19) when eliminating the threat that the fastest recovery started to process, “As of July began the internal market in mid-June There will be a move in the foreign market,” he said.

ALTİD President Burhan Sili made evaluations about the developments in the virus epidemic process. Stating that corona virus has serious negative effects worldwide, Sili also said that there is a decline in all countries where this epidemic has spread. “Covidien-19 has become a serious epidemic in the world and Turkey. This incident has been accepted by the World Health Organization(WHO) and is now gradually declining in all countries where this epidemic has spread, except for a few countries. Especially when we look at our country, it is seen that the number of patients recovering from the last 4 days is more than the number of infected patients, there is a positive trend. At this point, it is predicted that the recovery process will begin in late May. We are in an effort to take precautions despite the adverse effects of the epidemic in terms of tourism.”

“There will be an action as a result of the epidemic decreasing and ending”
Stating that they are continuing their preparatory work in tourism, Sili said, “Studies are carried out in terms of what to do both in our facilities and in the transfer dimension of this business. Therefore, we are in an effort to take all necessary precautions in terms of the health of our domestic guests and foreign guests who will come here in the domestic market, and we realize them. There will be a movement as a result of the epidemic decreasing in our country and in the source markets. There will be important results not only in terms of tourism but also in economic terms. My opinion is that there will be a movement in the foreign market as of July, which started with the domestic market in mid-June. However, I think the density will not be much. “It will be a season in which we will work with a maximum capacity of 50-60 percent.”

“We will continue to work in November and December”
Sili said that the tourism season will be extended this year and said: “This season seems to be a little longer. Normally we would start closing our facilities by October. If this happens, we will probably continue working in November and December. When we look at our resources it seems to be ahead of the market, especially Europe and Turkey in the Russian market. The fact that Turkey is a reliable country, in terms of overall health and in terms of protecting the health of our guests are coming because we see that we are moving ahead very quickly. We get this information when we talk about click counts, tour operators abroad and sales agents. We hope that we will get through this process in a very short time and we will have the opportunity to come to the points we have targeted before.”