Questions of inheritance property in Turkey are governed by Turkish law in the manner adopted in most countries. In the case of the death of the owner (foreign citizen), property passes to his heirs.


Inheritance occurs in the country of nationality of the successor.
Wills that is drawn up by foreigners in their own country, can be executed in Turkey.


Individuals receiving Turkish property through inheritance are subject to taxes in Turkey. Inheritance tax is levied on the inheritance of each beneficiary at progressive rates. The rates vary depending on the taxable inheritance and on the relationship between the donor and recipient. Spouse and children of the deceased are allowed to deduct 170,086 TL each from the taxable base. If there is no children in this case spouse is allowed to be deducted 340.381 TL from the taxable base.


See below the rates for inheritance tax
First 210,000 TL              1%
Next 500,000 TL              3%
Next 1,110,000 TL           5%
Next 2,000,000 TL           7%
More than 3,820,00 TL  10%