Indian holi-fest of colors and music in Alanya

The Indian holi-fest of colors and music was held on one of the Kestels beaches on september 28th 2019, an unprecedented and unique event in Alanya. Holi-fest, which came to us directly from India, also has been successfully held in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya before. The highlight of the program was showering participants with colorful powder during loud music.

4 years ago for the first time Turkey decided to celebrate one of the brightest Indian holidays – Phagwah or Bhojpuri, better known in the West as Holi-fest. In India, people believed that with the help of fun and colorful paints they can appease the gods. According to popular belief, the more you sprinkle, the more good wishes express in your address. So, the more colors are on your clothes, the happier you will be next year.

Nowadays, festivals of colors Holi-fest are held in more than twenty countries, including Turkey, where this festival is no less bright and colorful. It seems that all the colors of the world paint these days in all the colors of the rainbow! Fun, joy, emancipation and freedom – these are the main emotions that gives residents and guests the festival of colors.

The event was featured Indian music, Indian dances, Indian food, Indian clothes and accessories, all only Indian. At the beginning of each hour-a mandatory ritual-showering each other with colored powder.

The organizers of the festival always pay great attention to safety during the event. All paints that people use during the festival are absolutely safe even if one of the participants accidentally swallows them or if the paint gets into the eyes.

We hope this year the holi-fest of India attend again, more colorful and much bigger with your presence.