The Guarantee to sell the property again that you buy

You do not do business only once with the Apartment Alanya (Trust United). With post-sale dialogues in our administrating politics, you can consult us about re-sale of your property by contacting us whenever you like.

If you want to put your property up for re-sale that you have bought with our mediation, we present you the guarantee of re-sale.The guarantee involves to determine the actual market value and to market it for you.

Refinance with rent
As you can use your property yourself that you buy, you can create an income source as well by renting it in terms when you don’t want to use. As you can present this feature to your friends and relatives, you can also evaluate with other people by using it as summer home. Thus, you will have the chance to get the money you spend to own the property back.

You are always welcomed to ask questions to us and we always help you.