Tapu – it is the only document that proves ownership rights for the property in Turkey. All Tapus are issued and stored in the Land Registry Office.

The owners of a property in Turkey can be both physical and legal entity registered in Turkey or abroad. Several owners could be registered In a Tapu, but their share of the property can be different. The maximum number of co-owners for one Tapu – 10 persons. It may be as relatives as bystanders. There is no age limit. The number of owners and ownership interests are determined by the buyer.

Buyer can receive a Tapu only after payment of the full value of the property.

To start the procedure of registration of Tapu, all future owners of the real estate must have the following documents:

• a copy of the passport
• 2 passport-size photos (3.5 x 4.5cm)
• Turkish tax number.

Expenses for:

1. The tax, which is 4% of the appraised value, which is determined by the municipality.

2. State duty to the State Bank of Turkey, it is about 80 €.

3. Service of licensed interpreter around 40 €