Durmuş Özgen gave paid leave to 14 employees

Trust United Real Estate Owner Durmuş Özgen, one of the most important real estate companies in Alanya, took action against the Coronavirus, which emerged in China and affected the whole world and threatening human health. After the warnings made by the Ministry of Health, Özgen, who gave 14 employees a paid leave and warned, “Continue to work at home but do not go out on the streets”

“Due to the coronavirus, we locked the door of our workplace and sent 14 employees to paid leave. During this time, they will work at home, but they will not go out on the streets. Now we have given one month off, but according to the Coronavirus, we can extend it. Hopefully, this virus as Turkey beats and we’re back to normal life as soon as possible, “he said.

Durmuş Özgen – Trust United Real Estate General Manager