When is it better to go

A comfortable time for a trip to the Turkish seaside resorts – is from July to September. The air temperature in this period rises to + 40 °C, the water warms up to + 30 °C. However, you need to be prepared for a huge influx of tourists.

Cleopatra Beach has become world famous for its many advantages:

  • fine sand of golden yellow color;
  • excellent purity and transparency of the sea, at the bottom of which you can see every fish through swimming glasses;
  • outstanding dimensions: 2-kilometer length and 40-meter width;
  • comfortable temperature of sea water, well warmed by the southern sun;
  • stunning sunset pictures against a coastal mountain range;
  • Lush mediterranean flora – olive groves, pine forests and palm plantations.

For many years, Cleopatra has maintained a brand of beach that meets all the hygiene and safety requirements. International experts have marked it with the Blue flag number of times.

Vacationers with young children should be careful on the beach area adjacent to the old fortress. This place is characterized by sudden depression in the sea and rocky formations under water. The second alarming feature for young and inexperienced swimmers is strong currents and large waves (up to 2 metres) on windy days.