Capital gain tax should be paid from the following real estate transactions:

• Rent
• Resale property earlier than 5 years after the buying

The first 3000 TL income for renting of residential property and the first of 11 000 TL of resale are not taxed. If property is sold after 5 years you don’t have to pay any tax from your capital gain. 

In case of property is sold within 5 years then, you are obliged to pay the following tax:

*0,000   TL – 12,600 TL % 15
*12,601 TL – 30,000 TL % 20
*30,001 TL – 69,000 TL % 27
*69,001 TL – Above       % 35

This tax is paid from the amount of difference between the price when buying and selling real estate.

* The tax rates pointed on the date of publicatin. To check the information, please, contact our personnel.