The land of our project, located in the center of Alanya, on the 2844 block and 2nd parcel, has an area of ​​1023.26 m². Our project consists of 6 floors, […]

47 m² 1 bed 1 bath

New premium and luxury Villas in Alanya with panorama view and freshly good weather, best mountain district of Bektas, where you have the view of Alanya’s Castle and Mediterranean sea […]

198 m² 2 beds 2 baths

This beautiful apartments are located in the Büyükhasbahçe neighborhood, which is one of the city’s most elite districts. This project found on a land plot of 1600 m2 in total and […]

214 m² 4 beds 2 baths

Nearly finished one block apartments in Alanya Center, good location in Alanya, cozy and relaxing area. Total Square Meters of Land: 623 m2 Total Number of Flats: 30 1+1 = […]

132 m² 2 beds 2 baths

New one block apartments in Cleopatra beach of Alanya. Best location for your family and your relaxation time. Only 150 meters to the famous cleopatra beach, where the sands are […]

72 m² 2 beds 1 bath

Exclusive apartments in Alanya city center just 450 m from the popular Cleopatra Beach. All necessary social and commercial facilities are located right near the project. It is a perfect […]

106 m² 2 beds 1 bath

Project with two blocks in Center of Alanya Alanya center has the best access to whole city with transportation For more information please contact us

140 m² 3 beds 2 baths

An elite complex of villas with stunning views of Alanya, the endless sea and green mountains. It is located on the hills in the Bektash district, 2.5 km from the […]

275 m² 4 beds 2 baths

The most luxurious apartments with the most beautiful view in center of Alanya. On your back balcony, you can watch the unique view of the Taurus Mountains lined up like […]

40 m² 1 bed 1 bath